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This future is wrong... by HazuraSinner This future is wrong... by HazuraSinner

Twilight Sparkle's design for the "what if" story where she travels into an alternative and dark future.
A little warning. This concept involves my favorite pairings: Rainbow x Fluttershy, Pinkie x Twilight and Applejack x Rarity. Thou have been warned!

Here's the usual summary, however this one is about what happens to Twilight as the story unfolds, aaand is a little big:

After overcoming the shock of seeing Pinkie Pie's scarred figure, Twilight asked her what happened. Pinkie explained to her once long lost lover that she mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago without a trace, and that during her absence Equestria fell into the Changelings hands. As heard the explanation Twilight started to realize what happened to her. She had been sent into the future, along with Star Swirl's book which lead her there.
The Princess's mind was full of questions but the first thing she could think of asking was where their friends were. Pinkie, saddened, told that they have been apart since an incident which occurred six years ago and that involved Spike. Pinkie takes Twilight in disguise to a cemetery on the outskirts of town and there they find a tombstone with Spike's name on it.
Twilight, devastated and unbelieving what her eyes saw, she opened Star Swirl's book of spells and desperately searched for the page that brought her there. As she found the said page she tried to concentrate her magic to open the portal but without effect. She was stuck there in that dreadful future.
Twilight trembled with both sadness and revolt, and then her eyes trailed into the distance, catching sight of Canterlot's castle, now destroyed by the Changelings but still standing tall. The Princess turned to Pinkie Pie with a determined look in her eyes and said they were going to regain the kingdom back from Chrysalis. And they were going to defeat her together with their friends. That was Twilight's only hope to make things right.
Their first stop was at the former Sugarcube Corner, where the Apple siblings now live. There they met Applejack, who was surprised to see Twilight after such a long time. Twilight explained what happened to her and requests for Applejack's help. The latter accepted without second thoughts but when the Princess said they'd need Rainbow Dash too she got reluctant about that. Applejack was confused why Twilight would even consider her after what happened to Spike, but the princess responded that it mustn't have been her fault, she would never lead her friends to their death.
After that the three girls headed to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's cottage, only to discover that Rainbow has been living on her own and that Fluttershy disappeared six years ago. Rainbow explained to them that she must've left because she blamed her for losing her sight. Applejack, shocked to hear what happened between them, turned unexpectedly to Rainbow and assured her that Fluttershy wouldn't leave her for something like that.
With Twilight's help the two girls talked things out and gaining back their lost friendship.
Now with Rainbow Dash on board, the team's next step was to reach Hayseed Swamps, where Rarity lived according to Applejack. Twilight suggested that their fastest way there was through the Everfree Forest, and even when her friends warned about how more dangerous it became the Princess didn't show any fear, only assuring that she would protect them at any cost.
As they traversed the forest they were attacked by a stranger who turned out to be none other than Fluttershy, and when the blind girl realized she almost killed her friends she panicked and apologized countless times. After that Rainbow Dash decided to talk with her to resolve their issues, and in the end they re-conciliated and got back together. Twilight was more than overjoyed to see their friends happily together again, and that gave her hope for a better future once they've defeated the Changeling Queen.
Now the main five headed to their final destination in order to find Rarity. As they arrived to the said refugee camp they notice it's not small at all, and to find their friend they would have to split up.
Applejack was the one who found her, and when Twilight and the others reunited with them she thought Rarity would want to join them but she was determined to not go. Furthermore, she begged them to not go either, she didn't want to lose anyone else.
Twilight comprehended her fears, after knowing what her friends have been through it was understandable, and she didn't want to force Rarity to join them. Instead, Twilight just explained why neither she or the others wanted to give up. They didn't want to live under the shadow of Chrysalis anymore, nor allow her to take everything they held dear. Twilight was determined to bring back the once prosperous kingdom of Equestria, for all those who've suffered and gave their lives in the war, for Spike.
When the main five left the camp they were surprised to see Rarity running after them with a few bags full of supplies. She had changed her mind. Apparently Twilight's words have reached her will to stand up and fight for her beliefs.
Now that the team was back together they still had one final challenge ahead of them and it lied on Canterlot's Castle. The night approached fast as the main six got closer to the mountain where the castle stood, and when Twilight recalled that they've been walking miles all day she decided it was best to rest before the final battle.
The six girls talked for a while, reminding the good old days and new plans they had to help rebuild the kingdom. And when they started to get tired they fell asleep one after another with exception of Twilight. She didn't feel like sleeping. Instead she thought on all the horrible things she saw and heard all day. She thought on how her absence made their whole world turn upside down.
As the sleep finally caught up with her, she glanced at each one of her friends and lover, all holding hands and sleeping close to each other, and before falling asleep she promised that wouldn't abandon them ever again.

Ok, I lied. This isn't the last piece of the set. Spike the Dragon will have his own piece too, he deserves it as much as the girls. Probably more.

Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) fyre-flye, Hasbro
Human concept me

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Davinci975 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
is this a fan fic
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Supposedly, but I'm still having doubts if I should finish writing it.
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you have a good story base
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Thank you very much.
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ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Couldn't she use "reverse gears" on that time-travelling formula ?
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Unfortunately the spell doesn't work in reverse, Twilight tries to use it but it fails.
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