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October 30, 2013
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Nightmare Night by HazuraSinner Nightmare Night by HazuraSinner

The mane six's children ready to go candy hunt together on this year's Nightmare Night (or Halloween, whatever you want to call it XD). Apparently Apple Syrup is way ahead of the others... XD

Windy Belle (age 10) dressed as a pirate, Starchaser (age 9) as a wizard, Harmony (age 6) as Red Riding Hood, and Apple Syrup (age 5) as a cute lion.

And a Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you all have a great time! ;D

Windy Belle, Harmony, Starchaser and Apple Syrup me
Mane Six (My Little Pony) *fyre-flye, Hasbro

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RainBowDash678 Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
um who is harmonys parents? cuz the main 6 make 3 couples and there are four children? im super cunfused :o (Eek) 
Harmony is Fluttershy and Rainbow's youngest daughter, unlike the others they had two kids.


1. Good gravy...  Have I been gone from DeviantArt for so long, that your OC children have grown in my time away? {Since I critique'd your fan-artwork of "True True Friends", I think.}  Curse you Real Life, curse you!  CURSE YOU!

2. Definitely like the artistic refinement on Windy Belle' and Harmony's hair since your earlier works, the pair have come a long way since you first did a rough work with just Windy Belle.  Especially how Windy Belle's hair curls/spikes upwards, and Harmony's goes downwards, detailing like that is important in the long-run.

3. However, I would suggest having the color stripings of both girls go all the way down to the roots, rather than partial "patches," especially for Windy Belle's inherited color-spectrum traits from Rainbow Dash.

4. While Apple Syrup's thick locks and hair-coloring are good, the line-shading you used takes away from it.  Also, I would suggest using a slightly darker color for her freckles since you have given her a duskier skin-tone.

5. Boy, I have a lot of catching up to do with your fan-artworks... :lol:

Hi there, yes it's been a while hasn't it. That's alright, I hope everything is well with you. =)

Thanks, glad you like the progressive change on Windy Belle's design.
Hmmm, you know, I think you're right. Honestly I never really thought that some parts of her multicolored hair could be considered patches instead of real hair until you mentioned it. Sometimes I need someone else's opinion to be an eye opener for some things I let slip. Thanks for the suggestion, next time I draw her I'll keep this in mind. =D

Oh yes, about Apple Syrup's hair... this was a rough sketch which I wasn't even considering to paint and when scanned it I cleaned most of the lines but, have to be honest, I got lazy when reached her hair and some other dark bits in the picture. Like the blue stripe in Starchaser's hair. ''XP Regarding the freckles on her cheeks, since this was the first drawing I painted of her as a human I wasn't sure about the color palette yet, but thanks for the suggestion for that, I'll make sure to use it next time. 
sketchArtBrony Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Just a question,is FlutterDash your favorite pairing?
Maybe it's just my imagination,but it seems like it.
I was just hoping for more Rarity and Applejack art,but if I sound to demanding than you don't have to.I'm ssssoooo sorry if I sound too demanding,I just love AJ and Rarity.
Well I think my gallery of MLP speaks for itself on which is my favorite pair. XD I try to get some art of Applejack/Rarity and Twilight/Pinkie done too but Fluttershy and Dash always get the best of me.
arelionXD Nov 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
oki doki sorry but English is not my original language, drawing for you
Can't wait to see them as teenagers!!! 
AppleCider1412 Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 cute!! still wanna know....of the 3 couples...why did they ALL have only girls?
Because there weren't any male genes involved, that's why they only had daughters.
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