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Next Generation by HazuraSinner Next Generation by HazuraSinner

Phew took long enough to get the bio done! The drawing was done long ago but the bios were still under construction. 'XD
Heads up everyone, this post has a long writing! '8D

Prince Pandemonium
Age: 14
Talent: Pranks and riddles
Parents: Discord and Celestia

Pandemonium is the first to be born of the new generation and Princess Radiance's twin brother. Pandemonium is the heir to the throne of Chaos and he has been confined in Canterlot Castle since the day he was born because of his immense chaotic power. His Father, Discord, has been in charge of teaching him to control his magic every day until they'd make sure it wouldn't harm anyone. Because of the instability of his magic he never had any contact with anybody besides his parents and sister, which made it harder for him to make a single friend later.
When Pandemonium started gaining some control of his powers he began to sneak out of the castle to see what the outside was like.
During one of his quests to the outside world he flew to the woods of Ponyville and there he met Harmony, whom he rescued from falling of a tree when she was trying to help a baby bird back into its nest. The two became friends right away and during the following weeks they met without their parents knowing. When they found out Pandemonium was surprised when his Father told him that he was friends with Harmony's mother.
At age of 13 Pandemonium's powers were no longer a danger to anyone and so the young prince was finally able to socialize with others, namely Harmony's sister and friends.

other info:
.Because his name is so big Pandemonium prefers to be called just "P" or "Pan".
.One of Pandemonium's goals is to successfully prank his sister, so far no progress has been made.
.Pandemonium's prank partner is Windy Belle and the main targets of the duo are Radiance and Starchaser. However, when Windy suggests to prank Starchaser he tries to brush the idea off her mind because he's terrified of Starchaser's comebacks.
.Pandemonium may not like royal duties but he takes them seriously nevertheless to not displease his parents.
.When bored Pandemonium transforms into his Father and orders the royal guards to do silly things.

Princess Radiance
Age: 14
Talent: Healing
Parents: Discord and Celestia

Radiance was the second of the next generation to be born, and even though her brother was born first everyone always thinks she's the oldest for her maturity. Unlike her brother Pandemonium she was free to leave the castle and meet with others, but almost everyone wanted to hang out with her just because she was Princess Celestia's daughter, so she never stayed out for much long. And also to keep her brother company in the castle.
Ever since the two were kids Pandemonium always tried to prank her, and she pretended to fall for his pranks so he wouldn't feel bad. Later he found out that she was faking to get caught and now Pandemonium is even more motivated to prank her.
Radiance discovered that her talent was to heal others with her magic when her brother hurt himself during one of his chaotic magic outbreaks. Ever since that day she's been practicing hard on her healing to be able to cure even the deepest wound.
When her brother was finally able to leave the castle she started coming out more often with him, and in one of those trips to the outside he took her to Ponyville to meet his friend Harmony and the others.

Other info:
.If she uses too much of her healing magic in one row she gets extremely tired.
.During Starchaser's stay in Canterlot Castle Radiance volunteered to babysit her and the two of them became good friends ever since.
.Radiance takes her royal duties seriously and is almost always studying so she can be ready for when she must take the throne.
.Radiance hates spicy things and she avoids bringing the subject up because she believes that Pandemonium would use that in a prank.

Windy Belle
Age: 13
Talent: Weather Patrol
Parents: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy

Additional info:
.Windy Belle at age of 7 insisted on accompanying her Mom to watch her weather patrol, although instead of standing by and watch she flew up to the sky and helped clear the sky in a quick flight, after that she received her cutie mark. Whenever she tells the tale she says that the scowling she received afterwards was still worth it.
.Windy Belle's wings are bigger and stronger than a regular pegasi's, which provide her the capacity of controlling the wind and clouds more easily.
.She surpasses the speed of her Mom, Rainbow Dash.
.Windy Belle always admired her Mommy's long hair since she was little, that lead her to let her hair grow very long and rarely cut it until today.
.She once miscalculated a prank which she prepared for Starchaser. As a payback Star cut Windy's hair short while she took a nap. After that Windy Belle promised to herself to never get overboard with Starchaser ever again.
.Windy's best friend is Starchaser and she never denies her friend's "boring" requests, such as keeping her company when she's cataloging stars or studying for exams.
.Windy Belle is the only one of the next generation to have many injuries during her lifetime.
.When Starchaser shared her fear of becoming a princess Windy Belle promised that would become her royal guard so she wouldn't be alone.

Age: 12
Talent: Astronomy
Parents: Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie

Additional info:
.Starchaser's passion for the stars was born during her first meteor shower watch at age of 5, on that night her eyes gleamed like the stars and then her cutie mark appeared, but she only realized that in the morning after.
.At age of 6 Starchaser had a few outbursts of magic, and one time when she was playing with Windy Belle a magic outburst hit her friend and she was accidentally hurt. After that Starchaser was taken to Canterlot by request of Princess Celestia so she could help her control those outbursts of magic. During her stay she became friends with Princess Radiance and after a few months she was finally able to return home.
.She's a very intelligent girl, sometimes she requests quizzes from her Mother, Twilight, just for fun.
.When she was little she used to sneak into the kitchen and eat sweets until she had a tummy ache. This situation repeated a few times until she learned her lesson.
.She once ate half of a big cake Pinkie Pie was supposed to deliver and that was the only time Pinkie every scowled her.
.Starchaser's favorite snack to eat while studying is Pinkie's homemade sweets.
.Starchaser uses glasses when she's studying.
.She constantly complains about parties, mainly the ones thrown by her Mom, Pinkie, but deep down she actually loves them. She just doesn't want to admit because her Mom would certainly plan parties for her every single day if she knew.
.Star's best friend is Windy Belle, since the two have grown together Star became accustomed to Windy's pranks and nagging about her intense studying.
.Starchaser has no cooking skills and she doesn't like to bring it up because some tend to laugh and ask if she's really Pinkie Pie's daughter.
.She doesn't like when people address her as just "Princess Twilight Sparkle's daughter", it makes her feel like she's nothing more than a shadow of her Mother.
.one of Starchaser's greatest fears is becoming a princess.
.Starchaser repressed her party side from her 12 to 18 years old. When she turned 18 she went to a three month internship of astronomy in Canterlot and at first she was sort of glad to not deal with her Mom's random parties, however, she gradually began to miss it. When she returned home she was greeted by a big welcome party and there she realized how much she missed those silly parties.
.Starchaser cut her hair very short at age of 14 after growing tired of it being constantly "bouncy and wild" and forcing her to brush it every now and then. Windy Belle still complains about it today and say it was a very dumb reason.
.Starchaser loves staring at the night sky, mostly on the hills of the outskirts of Ponyville. She even fell asleep a couple of times and worried her parents, now to calm their worries she asks Windy to come with her and keep her company during the sky watch. Needless to say that they still fall asleep.

Agate Quartz
Age: 10
Talent: finding jewels
Parents: Spike (adoptive father)

Agate is Spike's adoptive son. Spike found his egg during one of his trips to find rare jewels. He tried to find the egg's parents but no one claimed it, and with no other choice Spike took care of the egg until it hatched. And when Agate was born Spike grew very fond of the baby dragon and decided to adopt him.
Agate was welcomed with open arms by Spike's friends and family, and the baby dragon grew up with the company of his cousin Starchaser and the other kids.
When he started attending school he used to be picked on by others for being different, his father told him several times to stand up against the others but he refused with the fear of hurting them badly. At some point Starchaser and Windy found out and were always defending him until no one bugged him anymore.
Later on Spike decided to tell Agate the truth about his lineage, but when he told him Agate wasn't surprised for being adopted, somehow he always had a feeling but it never bothered him because Spike truly cares about him as his own flesh and blood.

Other info:
.During his childhood Agate used to whine about not being able to get a cutie mark like his friends.
.Unlike his father Agate loves mornings and is always looking forward to the sunrise.
.Agate looks up to his cousin Starchaser and whenever he has questions she's always glad to answer them, no matter how ridiculous they may be.
.Agate and Pandemonium are best buddies, mainly for being the only boys of the next generation.
.Agate can breathe flames like Spike but their color are bright red.
.Agate is always volunteering to taste Apple Syrup's new dishes, the others even say he has a "bottomless stomach" for being able to eat all her food.
.Agate is a good cook, sometimes he and Apple Syrup team up to cook for their friends.
.Agate hates Winter because he easily gets a cold and fires flames whenever he sneezes.

Age: 9
Talent: Gardening
Parents: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy

Additional info:
.Harmony has the smallest wings, since she never took flying lessons her wings never developed as she grew up.
.Harmony can sing but only sings for her sister because it helps when she's stressed, sad or tired. Her parents have heard her singing in rare moments.
.Harmony's best friend is Apple Syrup and her other special friend is Pandemonium.
.Harmony never overcame her fear of heights. There are rare moments where she fought her fear just to help little birds back into their nests but in the moment she looked down she lost her strength and fell.
.Harmony at age of 8 took care of a dying small tree for months, even through the cold winter, and when spring arrived it miraculously bloomed pink flowers and with it appeared her cutie mark.

Apple Syrup
Age: 8
Talent: Cooking
Parents: Applejack and Rarity

Additional info:
.Apple Syrup is almost always eating something, and she never gets out of shape.
.Apple Syrup's love for cooking came from watching her Mommah, Applejack, cooking for the family. One day at age of 7 she baked cookies with her mother's help and even though they were slightly burned they still tasted heavenly, it was in that moment that she realized how much she loved cooking and received her cutie mark.
.Apple Syrup can sew and sometimes creates her own pieces of clothes.
.She can tell a good lie, however her lies don't last long because she feels bad about lying. The longest one of her lies took was 3 minutes until her conscience began to crush her.
.Apple Syrup's best friend is Harmony and her second best friend is Agate.
.Apple Syrup loves cooking with Agate.
.Once in a family reunion Rarity made an extreme makeover to look, and act, like a farmer so she could relate more to the Apples, but that only scared Apple Syrup and she ran around yelling that an imposter had replaced her Mom.

Prince Pandemonium, Princess Radiance, Windy Belle, Starchaser, Agate Quartz, Harmony and Apple Syrup © me
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