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October 10, 2013
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If Twilight was here she would keep fighting! by HazuraSinner If Twilight was here she would keep fighting! by HazuraSinner
That's why I won't give up!


Rainbow Dash's design for the "what if" story where Twilight Sparkle travels into an alternative and dark future.
A little warning. This concept involves my favorite pairings: Rainbow x Fluttershy, Pinkie x Twilight and Applejack x Rarity. Thou have been warned! XD

Here's the usual summary regarding the character's background:

After hearing from Pinkie Pie about Twilight's disappearance, Rainbow Dash immediately voluntered to help in the search of their friend.
But when Fluttershy fell unexpectedly ill with high fever she had to choose to give up the search temporarily and take the sick girl back home.
When the two pegasi arrive at Ponyville Fluttershy tells Rainbow Dash to not worry about her and to go assist Pinkie and Spike in their quest, but she refused as saw the awful state of her girlfriend and decided to stay to take care of her.
Days after Fluttershy's recovery Ponyville is attacked by the Changelings and the two pegasi along with their friends fought the army and won but almost miraculously.
As the days go by the attacks are more frequent and the folk from Ponyville can barely survive. Rainbow Dash decided that she had to take a stand and organized an army with the people of their town, along with a spying team which was in charge of finding weaknesses from the Changelings.
Thanks to her leadership the townsfolk managed to survive for much longer, and then one day she received news from her spy squad. They had discovered a secret passage which would lead right into the castle in Canterlot.
Rainbow Dash elaborated a plan which was sure to work, and even when Applejack warned she ignored. This time they were going to defeat Chrysalis.
However, her plan failed. Chrysalis and her army was expecting their arrival since the beginning.
Rainbow Dash and her friends fought for their lives but they were in disadvantage and were falling fast at the hands of the Changelings.
And when she saw Fluttershy getting hurt her opponents took the chance and inflicted a dreadful cut on her right eye.
Trying to ignore the pain Rainbow rushed to Fluttershy's side and desperately tried to protect her with just half of her vision working.
The absence of her right eye became a huge blind spot, for she couldn't see a Changeling striking from that side and slicing her right arm.
The mane five managed to return to Ponyville but at a high cost, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack argue with each other about what happened. The farm girl cuts the friendship bonds with the pegasus girl and her other friends follow out, being Fluttershy the only one who stays by her side.
However, one night Rainbow Dash woke up and to find that she left, and the only thing she left behind was the ring Rainbow Dash gave her when she proposed years ago.
At the present, Rainbow Dash still fights the Changelings on her own when they come for a fight and none of them defeated her until now even though she's missing an eye and an arm.

Coming up next is Fluttershy!

Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) *fyre-flye, Hasbro
Human concept me

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Soulsaber67 Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now Dashie reminds me of Black Star
RainBowDash678 Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
reading fluttershys and rainbow dash's made me ball my eyes out.....

HazuraSinner ...

1. Another good Dark Future (DF) work.

2. Scarring.  Excellent facial detailing with the stitched cut across her right eye.  Another excellent detail are the leg scars showing beneath the torn pants, small subtle details like that are a positive sign of care, effort, and skill in any Artist's works.

3. The harsh stormy background was the correct and strong addition to this work, contributing to the dark theme of the picture and its series.

4. The one minor critique I would put forward, and this is only because of the sword enthusiast (or "sword nerd" ) in me, is DF-Rainbow's sword.  I would have advised a katana with sword-guard and woven grip, over the chokuto ("straight sword") style with its smooth grip.  Why?  Because the latter is designed for ambidextrous swordsmen, with no sword-guard and smoother grip for quicker/easier changing of hands (plus disguising the sword too, of course); also, straight swords are slower on the quick-draw (thus why many swords are curved, regardless of geography & culture).  Regardless of either sword-type, both should be double-edged (meaning both sides blade-sharp) since DF-Rainbow is a one-armed swordswoman, so she can swing her blade in both directions.

5. If you had really wanted to go towards a particularly grim angle, you could have portrayed DF-Rainbow having had her right wing severed in-tandem to her right arm and eye.  That would have definitely topped off the visual impact of a Dark Future Equestria.

L-MASTER Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
extreme O.O
I wonder where these concept came from?
The idea of the dark future was sort of inspired by an episode of TMNT, the rest came out naturally.
I know an episode in the same version of tmnt where they see nightmares. Also had dark moments. Those episodes didn't get deeper investigation in my opinion.
Will this be a complete FanFiction? If so, where may I find it once it is completed?
I'm not sure yet, and if by any chance I write it down it will be posted here.
demonpup45 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That is beautiful!
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